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Looking for ways to save your concrete floors from further damage? No one wants unkempt floors, especially those with bad chips and pits close to spalling (trust us you won’t want that). Try Denver Concrete Artisans!

We are an experienced decorative concrete company with top quality solutions for your interior and exterior spaces in Denver Colorado. 

Aesthetics is a very big deal. Homes and commercial establishments can look five-star with our decorative concrete services. Give your floors durability, aesthetics, and functionality without the cost of getting a new pour. 

Check out our concrete overlay and repair services:

Stamped Concrete Overlays

Often used on patios, driveways, entryways, walkways, and other outdoor surfaces, Denver stamped concrete overlay can be made to look like anything. The stamped overlay can be concrete stamped with brick or tile stamp mats or, if you prefer a more natural look, it can be customized with a flagstone pattern.

Stained Concrete

in the world of decorative refinishing. Immediately transforms plain cement slabs into vibrant works of art. Stains can be used on both exterior and interior floors.

Spray Knockdown Finish

This is a spray texture system that is often used for a pool deck resurfacing because it is slip-resistant and 30% cooler underfoot than most materials. A sealant is then applied to achieve the perfect shine.

Epoxy Flooring

Garage floors are probably the most abused surfaces inside a house. Make your floors a lot more durable and impact-resistant with an epoxy coating.

Polyurea Polyaspartic Coatings

Need to resurface a concrete floor urgently? Then this 1-day-install coating is perfect for the job. It is designed and formulated with industrial floors in mind so you can rest assured that it is durable and resistant to most floor damages.

Polished Concrete

It is popular among homeowners. Polished concrete gives you the satisfaction any other product would provide. With a variety of benefits, polishing your concrete can go with any concrete designs you desire.

Colored Concrete​

Bring those grey foundations to life with a wide range of colors to choose from! We make use of stains, dyes and colored powder to customize and get the shades you want.​

Concrete Repair​

Accomplished using a series of grinding techniques that aims to remove the top surface to bring out the damage-free layer beneath it using abrasive pads in the grinding machine. Achieve that simple yet easy to maintain floors.

Concrete Floor Resurfacing​

A good alternative for concrete removal and replacement. This involves applying a thin layer of coating or overlay over existing concrete surfaces to cover up minimal flaws or simply revamp the look of your floors.​

Concrete Refinishing​

Change the uppermost layer of a concrete surface to deal with stains, discoloration and worn out finishes. Revive your floors with concrete refinishing​

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We've been doing concrete floors for 20 years (and we won't stop!)

You can’t just leave decorative concrete work to anyone. Don’t put your time, money, and property at stake. Check out qualifications that will surely get the job done (like those below).


Do you need someone to assess the property? We’d love to do it and suggest appropriate fixes via in-home consultations. You can get help in choosing designs for stamped concrete patterns, staining, and concrete sealing. Talk about the services and flooring materials that will make your floors stand out.

Choose the best decorative option made specifically for concrete patios, concrete driveways, pool decks, and more!

We will evaluate your floors from a concrete contractor Denver’s perspective. Get the right size, condition, and opinions for any area you want to resurface. Each concrete work and project is tailored to meet your needs and wants. If you have ideas or changes in mind, we’d be more than happy to accommodate them.

We aim to surpass your expectations.

Check out our clients concrete transformations!

I used Denver Concrete Artisans to do my pool deck area and they were amazing! Not only were they helpful in showing samples, colors etc… they were extremely organized and beyond efficient! I plan on using them in the future for more projects! I would highly recommend this company!
Bruce S.
Denver Concrete Artisans were a pleasure to work with. From the beginning of the process (project review, bid estimate, contract) to the final step (sealing my new porch and walkway), the team was courteous, professional, accommodating and thorough. Other than the weather prolonging the process, everything happened in order, as stated and without problems. I love my new walkway/porch and would recommend MCA to everyone!
Jana B.
on concrete installation or any other concrete services,
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How Much Does Decorative Concrete in Denver Colorado Cost?

Decorative concrete costs will be between $6 to $12. 
Many factors like colors and patterns can make a difference.

For example, the more colors you choose for stained concrete, the more expensive it will be. The more complicated the pattern or design involved, the more concrete work the decorative concrete installers would have to do, thus, the higher the labor costs will be.

If you wish to add, alter, or adjust anything, there may be corresponding charges for that as well.


Customized Concrete Resurfacing & Refinishing for all your Interior and Exterior surfaces

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Decorative concrete is an economical solution compared to other paving materials and a new concrete replacement. You’ll only need a thin but durable layer of coating or overlay to breathe new life to your old concrete floor.

All decorative concrete contractors can say good things about their company and the concrete services they provide. Denver Concrete Artisans wants to be able to prove that to you so we invite you to inquire and take a look at the previous concrete work projects we have completed. We take pride in our work and our impeccable attention to even the tiniest detail. You can guarantee that, with us, your concrete floors are in good hands.

Ready to learn more about decorative concrete overlay Denver CO solutions? Call us, concrete contractors Denver, for a consultation. We would love to hear from you. FREE ESTIMATE!

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