4 Hacks in Cleaning the Garage Flooring

More often than not, the garage is the last room in the house that anyone would want to clean. People have become so used to storing unused items in the garage that things pile up and turn the garage into a disaster zone. While it is advisable to clean the garage flooring regularly, things may come up and you may get busy at times that you can’t always find time to do it. When you do, here are cool hacks you could use to make cleaning a lot easier.

  • Take Everything Out of the Garagetake everything out of garage

Any item or equipment you have on the floor, take it out of the garage before you clean the floor. Cleaning just the exposed areas is not really cleaning since you dust and dirt might still be present under lawnmowers, old vacuums, or boxes of old clothing. Move everything off of the garage floor first. It would be a lot easier to clean the entire floor altogether than to do it in sections, moving stuff in between.

  • Cover Electrical Outlets

If you must pressure wash or rinse using a garden hose, make sure to cover any electrical outlet that you have in the garage. Chances are, water may splatter into it and that is highly dangerous.

  • Reorganize the Entire Garage

After cleaning, you would not want to bring the same old clutter back on the floor, would you? The best way to maintain the cleanliness is to reorganize all the stuff in the garage. Use peg boards to set up hanging hooks on the walls. If possible, move everything to the walls, in boxes or bins, and on shelves. Make sure that each item has its rightful place. This way, you can quickly and easily clean the garage flooring.

  • Sawdust and Kitty Litter for Oil and Grease Spills

Forget about scrubbing and using specially formulated products. Sawdust and kitty litter are actually a lot more effective in absorbing oil and grease that have stained the garage floor. This is also a good solution for getting rid of standing water. They effectively absorb water when left for a few hours. All you have to do is sweep it away and the oil, grease, or water is gone.

Cleaning the garage flooring is important in extending its lifespan. Simply by keeping it free from dust, dirt, and spills, you help maintain its durability and appearance thus making the most of the epoxy flooring installed. Hope these hacks can help you out the next time you clean your garage flooring.

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