Benefits of Epoxy Floor Coatings for Homes

Epoxy is the most preferred flooring solution among industrial areas but is epoxy floor also suitable for homes? One may ask this question before going ahead with a project. Definitely! Epoxy floor coatings Denver is ideal for residential uses. You can enhance your interior floors using high-resistant floor coatings. No wonder why many homeowners want the King of flooring in their spaces, too. It has fast cure action, and it performs superior functions. 

So what is epoxy floor coating? Unravel its features and the best of its benefits why it is suitable for residential properties.

Epoxy Flooring Uncovered

Epoxy is a high-performance flooring product. It gives intelligent solutions to any concrete surfaces, making them anti-slip, chemical and stain resistant, waterproof and durable. Epoxy floors were first used in industrial areas. But now you can apply it to almost anywhere. As long as there are concrete floors, you can install them with epoxy. On top of all these, polished, clean epoxy floors also provide users with many health benefits.

The epoxy flooring material is made up of resin and hardeners. When resin reacts with a hardening agent, they solidify in a second. Coming together, they become super durable, rigid materials.

When the epoxy flooring coats the concrete floors, the top layers become very hard. The epoxy serves as a super dense floor coating. It adds toughness on a surface resisting wear and tear.

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Benefits of Epoxy Flooring for Residential Properties

A wise decision that a homeowner makes is providing a safe space for the family. Cement this move when you use epoxy as the absolute solution for the floors at home. Besides being a versatile flooring with plenty of color options, Epoxy packs a punch in form and function. Below are the benefits of epoxy flooring for residential areas.

1. Enhances Slip-resistance

Kitchens, bathrooms, and even your living rooms need anti-slip surfaces. Making sure that no one trips and slips into your house is a key to good housekeeping. Practical and efficient safety solutions are what epoxy floors provide you.

Also, anti-slip and water repel features increase the quality of your floors. It will be a good selling point and adds value when your home selling plans.

2. Provides Stain-Resistant Surfaces

One of the toughest to manage at home is the floors. Everything goes down. Dirt, spills, various objects, and chemicals all get mixed up on the surface. If a homeowner has no time to clean, tough stains will soon appear.

That is why you need epoxy floor coatings to give easy-to-clean floors. A floor that always looks new also increases property value. So, get an epoxy installation now, especially for your garage floor.

3. Sanitary Floors

When the floors are easy to clean, stains will not stay on the surface. Having no dirt or stain stuck on the floor-beds means that your area is safe to live in. There is no time for bacteria to build upon the surfaces at home. It is safe for you and each one living with you to walk barefoot in the house.

4. LOW VOC concrete floors

You probably always hear this advantage of epoxy. But what exactly are low VOC floors? Why does it matter among the concrete floorings at home? Volatile organic compounds are harmful emissions for concrete materials. Floor materials are made of porous objects and substances, and cement corrode underneath.

Dust-like particles fume out from the flooring substrates. That is where epoxy comes into play. It seals the concrete surfaces. So, there is not even one gap or tiny holes that will let VOCs out. Low VOC means that the air you breathe inside the home is safe, clean, and free from chemicals.

To Sum It All Up

Epoxy is safe to use at home. Have a professional epoxy installer apply the materials to your interior floorings. No other material can provide practical and cost-efficient flooring application at home other than epoxy. Relish on the benefits of epoxy floor coating! It will make the floors at home safe to walk on, easy to clean, and long-lasting, saving you expenses. You can go without repairs in the future, thus, saving you lots of costs. 

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