Pool Deck 411: The Best & Cost-Effective Pool Decking Options

Before you get your toes into the water, the pool decks are what you’ll see first. The patterns and design of a swimming pool exterior add a factor to the whole swimming experience.

concrete pool deck denver

Pool designs do not have to break your banks. If you need pool decks that you can afford, you need to know how to plan your pool decking wisely. Know what to tell and how to set the right expectation when you hire a pool deck installation Denver

No need to dial 411 to figure out what is the best. Today’s post is for you!

Choosing the Best Pool Deck

The key to choosing the best people decking material is to plan wisely. Your planning should bear in mind what type of materials will suit your preferences. You need to consider your location, what type of climate is in your region, and how much maintenance you can allot on your budget.

Materials Matter

It does not mean that you have to reduce your standard when looking for the cheapest pool material. The durability and longevity of the materials always matter. 

Here’s a list of durable materials for pool decks:

  • Concrete
  • Composite wood deck
  • Tiles
  • Vinyl
  • Porcelain Tiles
  • Pavers

You can acquire pool decking materials for as low as $3 per square foot. Concrete resurfacing is a cost-efficient option for pool decks. Tiles and vinyl are materials that you can install per piece to use as minimally as needed.

Decorative Concrete

swimming pool with pave deck

Nothing beats concrete pool decks when it comes to cost-efficiency. You can use a method known as resurfacing. Resurfacing allows you to renovate or refinish an existing concrete pool deck. This is your option if you want a significant change to happen to your pools but only have limited funds.

Here, take a preview of the most practical and cost-savings concrete resurfacing solution:

  • Concrete Stamping. Uses rubber stamps to create patterns on a concrete overlay.
  • Stained Concrete. Staining uses dyes and acid-based coloring to let colors penetrate the concrete. An acrylic sealer finishes the stained outdoor flooring to protect it from damaging elements.
  • Epoxy Sealers. If you already have a pool deck, you can coat it with a layer of resin coating. Epoxy floor coatings create an effective non-skid surface. It was also increasing waterproofing to repel excessive water around your swimming pool. 

Tiled Pool Deck

Ceramic tiles cost $1 per piece. You can find it most practical for you if you only resurface a tiny area in your pool. It is also easy to install tiles. And you can do it yourself.


Wood exudes a classic, timeless appeal. If you go outdoors to beautify, using wooden patterns gives your swimming pool area a natural appeal. Its wooden linings serve as the design, And this style can match with any motif.

swimming pool surrounded with wooden deck
swimming pool with wooden deck

Composite Wood

The downside of wooden pool decks is that they may not survive semi-humid areas. If wet seasons frequent your region, natural wood materials weaken quickly. Here comes the composite. It’s specifically made for outdoor use. It can withstand damaging elements, exceptionally severe weather changes.

Installation: Time and Money

After you choose the material that suits your preferences, now take into account installation. The process does not only count the cost you pay in dollars. You also need to measure the numbers the clock would tick.

Avoid faulty contractors who extend projects to ask for additional fees. Only rely on trusted, listened, and bonded pool contractors in Denver concrete services. You may call them ahead of time to get a free quote and wisely plan your pool decking project.

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