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Concrete is a timeless material. It is durable and it is highly versatile. When signs of damage start to show up, the old solution was to take out the whole slab and replace with a new one. This is no longer acceptable because it is expensive and time-consuming. Nowadays, repair services are now available to address the damaged areas and maintain the rest of the slab. This way, you get to save time and money on unnecessary concrete replacements.

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Concrete Repair Solutions for Common Concrete Damages

From weather to foot traffic, there are several elements that could cause damage to existing concrete surfaces in Denver Colorado. Here are some of the most common issues and the right Denver concrete repair for each:

Cracks – This is very common on all Denver CO concrete surfaces. The causes, however, vary. Some cracks are caused by improper installation and the temperature of the surroundings during the curing stage. Other cracks are caused by a miscalculation in the ratio of concrete and water. There are also cracks caused by age, heavy usage, and sudden impact on the concrete slab. Larger cracks and other similar damages are repairable with epoxy fillers that is flexible enough to prevent cracks from recurring. Small, hairline cracks can be treated once and for all with an overlay or coating.

Scaling – Scaling is when thin pieces of concrete start to separate and chip off from the surface of a concrete slab. This is an indication that the slab’s surface is weak. Scaling is often caused by freeze-thaw cycles and the use of deicing salts on its surface. The top layer must first be ground off to reveal a new, undamaged layer or it can be topped off with a Denver concrete coating or Denver concrete overlay that is more durable and attractive.

Staining and Discoloration – Concrete is a very porous material so almost anything could leave stains on it. The most common causes of stains are wines, coffee, grease, fruits falling from trees, and paint. Denver Concrete staining is an effective solution for covering stains that can’t be scrubbed off. This can also cover up discolored concrete caused by moisture issues and the natural minerals found in a concrete mix.

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Concrete repair is not something anything can do. Sure, there are several tutorials available for a DIY but nothing beats expert repair. Denver Concrete Artisans, a decorative concrete repair contractor, is a dedicated concrete company that offers efficient concrete resurfacing, and repair services for both indoor and outdoor surfaces such as concrete driveways, pool decks, patios, garage floors, basement, and more. Our team is highly trained to evaluate damage and apply the appropriate repairs to restore the concrete and make it look better and last longer.

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