Concrete Resurfacing: How Much Will It Cost?

Does your concrete need a new surface? If you think you’ve seen cracks and discoloration or are just tired of your old concrete and you have the money, give concrete resurfacing a try.

But of course, before you decide, you will want to know how much concrete resurfacing Denver costs. This post will tell you what you need to know and why it’s worth every penny.

What is the Updated Cost of Concrete Resurfacing?

Concrete resurfacing usually costs between $35 and $270 per square meter or $3 and $25 per square foot. But each client has a different answer to that question. Concrete resurfacing costs more than concrete overlay, and there are other factors to consider, like materials, workforce, styles, and seasons. 

Factors To Consider when Updating Cost

The following factors affect the cost of concrete resurfacing services, along with short explanations of how they do so:

1. Material

Of course, the amount of materials and tools needed to resurface a floor depends on the size of the floor and the style the client wants. Material prices also vary based on where you buy and the type and quality of the material you wish to use.

Also, different materials may be needed depending on the client or the state of the concrete. Some materials also come with specific instructions for how to use them, such as using a brush, trowel, stamp, spray, etc. So it means tools have varying prices too.

stained concrete patio with chairs and a table

2. Labor

Since many materials come in different forms and need more than one tool, the method can also differ. Also, the methods used depend on the state of your concrete, the materials it needs, and the style you want.

3. Type of Resurfacing Method

Since many materials come in different forms and demand multiple tools, the method can also be diverse. In addition, the methods used depend on the conditions of your concrete, what materials it needs, and what style you want.

stamped pool deck with beach chairs

4. Season of the Year

When the cost of living goes up, so do the prices of most things. Also, the price of concrete sometimes goes down as the end of the year approaches. But keep in mind that supply and demand constantly change and that seasons only last for a while.

Assessment of Concrete

Due to all of these factors, the best way to get an accurate estimate in high traffic areas is to call your local professional concrete resurfacer and ask them to come to your property, look at the surface, and discuss the design you have in mind. Use this to your advantage because some experts will give you free quotes and come to your home.

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