Contemporary Design Ideas for Concrete Patios

Concrete patios are gaining more and more popularity in recent years. Homeowners, designers, and builders now realize the advantage of concrete patios over wood decks. Especially when it comes to modern home design. The versatility of concrete makes it possible to create unique patio designs. Here are some contemporary design ideas for concrete patios. Read on!

Decorative Concrete Floors

Outdoor floors contribute greatly to the aesthetic value of a concrete patio. Decorative concrete floor coatings breathe life into a patio by adding color, pattern, and texture. Outdoor floors can be designed to match the house itself or to complement it even with an entirely new look. Some decorative options include concrete staining to add color and concrete stamping for pattern, design and texture.

Concrete Seat Walls

Seat walls are a growing trend in today’s modern concrete patio design. Having these installed frames the patio area and adds an industrial chic feel. Seat walls don’t take up much room compared to regular outdoor furniture. It’s also a practical option as it provides permanent seating that can stand weather conditions with minimal maintenance.


A Concrete Fire Pit

Incorporating a fire pit in a concrete patio gives the area a focal point that pulls the overall design together. A concrete fire pit adds warmth and comfort to make patios enjoyable during cold evenings. It also adds to the ambiance of the whole area. To maximize the use of a concrete fire pit, choose one that is designed to also double as a grill.

Split Concrete Levels

Another popular trend in contemporary patio design is making use of multiple levels for concrete floors to segment the area. This adds interest and visual appeal to any concrete patio. This works especially well to those who want to add functional upgrades for their patios like hot tubs, kitchens or game areas. It also makes for a spacious patio compared to regular partitions that give the illusion of limited space.

Water Features

Water features add to the relaxing atmosphere of a concrete patio. Soft flowing water balances the hardness of other concrete design elements. It adds tranquility and is a striking design statement that accentuates the patio. Whether you choose a waterfall-like feature or a classic fountain you can achieve a zen feel and modern vibe for your patio.

With the right design choices, your concrete patio can be a focal point of luxury, style and function. Want to learn more about decorative concrete options to enhance the look of your patio? Visit our homepage at denver concrete artisans or read other interesting articles available on our blog page.

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