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There is no need to worry when you find that your concrete spaces are starting to show signs of use and abuse. There are ways to bring it back to its former glory, if not better. Decorative concrete offers a wide range of solutions that can restore concrete, giving it a new look and improved functionality.

Decorative concrete was developed in the late 30s when concrete overlay was invented. In the 1950s, the selection of colors and textures was also developed, giving property owners several options to choose from. Fast forward to today, several applications have been created, each with its own set of features and benefits.

That is why Denver Colorado homeowners love Denver Decorative concrete. Ready to recreate your own concrete slabs? Contact Denver Concrete Artisans today at (720) 545-1766 and get a free estimate!

Top Decorative Concrete Options

Decorative concrete Denver takes advantage of the versatility of concrete by offering coatings and overlays that adhere to concrete, giving it a new lease on life without breaking the bank. Here are the top choices and a brief description of each:

  • Stamped Overlay – An overlay, installed on a concrete slab, is imprinted with a pattern using stamping mats or texture skins. Stamped concrete patterns include ashlar, flagstone, fractured slate, running brick, herringbone, and more.
  • Stained Concrete – Concrete stains come in acid and water-based types. It penetrates deep into the slab, giving it a rich, long-lasting color. Acid stains create special semi-translucent effects while water-based stains dry opaque and in a uniform color.
  • Spray Texture – THe spray-down method is popular for use on concrete pool decks and other outdoor concrete spaces. It is slip-resistant, cool to the feet, and stunning in a subtle way.
  • Epoxy Flooring – Epoxy is a two-part material that is perfect for garage and basement floors. It is resistant to most types of damage and its seamless surface keeps dirt and moisture from seeping in.
  • Polyurea Polyaspartic – This is also a two-part material that is known for its fast-drying feature. It is perfect for urgent projects or anything that requires minimal downtime.

Choose the one that benefits you the most. Call (720) 545-1766 to learn more about decorative concrete.

Concrete may be an affordable material but it still an investment you made sometime ago. It doesn’t seem right that you would just tear it out and replace it just because it has a few issues. Denver Concrete Artisans offers reliable concrete coatings and overlays that can enhance and improve any concrete surface, be it for residential or commercial use.

Want to know more? Contact us! We’d love to schedule you for a consultation and quote, free of charge!

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