Incorporating Eco-Friendly Elements in Home Design

It used to be difficult to make conscious choices that positively impact the environment. Organic, biodegradable and other green products used to be expensive and ineffective. Now, high-performance eco-friendly products are available at a reasonable price. This makes it easier for any homeowner to make thoughtful choices for the environment. Aside from that, what else can you do to go green? Read on to find out.

Naturally Regulate Temperature

If you have the option to buy a lot, get one with deciduous trees. Mature trees are great for providing shade during summer and allowing sunlight during winter. This helps you save energy during under scorching heat and numbing cold. Supporting tree growth also helps reduce carbon dioxide and is overall good for the planet.

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Go Green with Greens

When choosing plants for your landscape, select ones that are native to your location. This will reduce the need for harmful fertilizers for plants that need to adapt. Opting for plants that are drought tolerant is also a smart choice for conserving water. Only use fertilizers made from biodegradable material. 

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Eco-friendly Materials

Synthetic and wood materials for construction should be down to a minimal level. Instead, use concrete for constructing those that take up much space such as walls and floors. Concrete floors are effective in retaining warmth through the evening. It’s also an economical and eco-friendly choice because with concrete resurfacing, the floor will last longer and therefore avoid the need to install new floors and increase waste.

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Decorate with Nature’s Own

Home plants are great alternatives to the synthetic decor. Embellish windows with succulents. Natural ceramics made from clay add earthy charm to any home. Carved stones are excellent for adding accents. In exchange, you’ll get quality products that are sustainable. 

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Reduce Toxic Chemical Use

If you want to drastically lessen your carbon footprint, it helps to reduce toxins. When choosing paints, sealants, dyes, and other solutions, be wary. Check if a product has zero or low VOC before buying them. Harmfully treated fabric should also be avoided.

Let the Natural Light In

For bright and airy interiors, increase natural light through interior design. Large windows and sliding glass doors let the sunlight in. This helps you save on utility bills while saving energy for the environment. Not only that, but it also keeps good air circulation so you can breathe in the fresh air.

Natural Energy Resource

Have your home designed to consume natural energy from the sun. It is a worthy investment for the eco-conscious. With solar panels, energy costs can be reduced to as much as 25% every year. Save on cash, save the environment. 

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