Hard-to-Notice Concrete Driveway Hazards: 6 Easy To Miss Signs

A car tire can suddenly lose grip on a concrete driveway if the surface is not regularly inspected and maintained. Unseen oil spills, cracks, potholes, or loose stones can create slippery and difficult-to-control surfaces.

Without regular maintenance, the surface of a concrete driveway can quickly become hazardous.

These are all hard-to-notice imperfections on the driveway that tells you it is time for a Driveway Resurfacing Denver.

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6 Oversights that Your Concrete Driveway Needs Maintenance

Concrete driveways add to the attractiveness of parking spaces and walkways on any property. Neglecting to care for them, however, can make them a danger. Six often overlooked indicators that your concrete driveway may require maintenance are discussed below:

1- An Unmarked and Slick Section on The Concrete

Ordinarily, concrete driveways are subject to usual wear and tear after five years of usage. Due to this, concrete forms a slick section which is problematic for drivers. When drivers are not observant enough, they may fail to see this section as it is also unmarked.

Concrete driveways need reinforcements to prevent this problem. For instance, putting another surface of durable material can work.

Many driveways go through resurfacing for reinforcement. This way, the possibility of having a slick section decreases. To know which resurfacing process works for you, check out your local Driveway Resurfacing Denver for help.

2- Unseen Potholes on The Driveway Surface

Potholes come in numerous shapes and sizes. Some are small, and some are unnoticeable due to some circumstances. These holes may result in a dangerous situation, such as a sudden car swerve.

Potholes usually happen when the concrete is subject to extreme forces, such as the weight of trucks or heavy vehicles. Potholes can also appear if the concrete is not reinforced or sealed.

Many cars and vehicles will pass through any driveway. Thus, driveway surfaces should withstand all the cars passing by.

Concrete is sturdy. But it cannot withstand too much tension from vehicles. To reinforce your concrete, you can resurface to give it. Concrete Driveway Denver might be the one for you.

3- Hollow Cracks on The Surface

Having hollow cracks on your driveway surface can cause driving problems. These cracks can damage the whole driveway over time without repair.

At first, you cannot tell if the cracks will be a problem, as it is common for all driveways. Some driveway cracks may result in a surface shrinking, which can cause vehicular accidents.

To repair these driveway cracks, you should know your options. It is ideal to discuss with professionals your concrete resurfacing needs. You can choose the pros from Denver driveway resurfacing.

driveway cracks on the surface

4- Uneven Surfaces

Uneven floor surfaces can easily cause accidents. Walking on an unstraight or sloping ground increases the risk of a person tripping or falling.

There is a danger of walking on an uneven surface. Walking or driving on uneven surfaces can distort your balance. If you are not lucky enough, trips and falls may cause injuries like bruises, broken bones, and sometimes death.

5- Unseen Oil Spills

Oil spills are uncommon in some driveways, but they can happen.

When there is an oil spill, the driveway surface becomes slippery. And when the driveway is slippery, problems and accidents may happen.

Unseen oil spills are not only a health hazard but also a road hazard. People and vehicles may slide down, trip, or fall because the surface is slippery.

You can remove oil spills on concrete by scrubbing it down. But you can save yourself the trouble from all the hard work by taking a long-term solution such as resurfacing your driveways. If you are ready for this solution, driveway resurfacing Denver can help you.

6- Loose Stones

Driveways use a mixture of concrete, gravel, and sand. These materials comprise the marking of a concrete driveway.

When the driveway gets old and subject to damage, loose stones may put your driveway in a bid. Loose stones may cause problems such as slippery slopes and uncontrollable swerving of cars. Loose driveway stones may also result in injuries from trips, slips, and falls.

In Conclusion

Accidents on the road happen from time to time. But you can avoid them if it is due to these hazards. Better avoid these near your homes with the help of Driveway Resurfacing Denver, which can help you maintain your curb for safety.

We do not see all driveways hazards beaming in red lights. Some of these driveway hazards are obscure and likely unnoticeable. So, these hazards may become neglected.

The problem occurs when these hazards remain untreatable, unchecked, or unrepaired. Driveway maintenance is a hard thing to do due to many factors. So, if you are preparing for a more convenient solution, consult the team at Denver concrete driveway.

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