Is It Worth It To Epoxy Garage Floor?

Never underestimate the functions of epoxy. Indeed, the garage floor is mostly for vehicle and foot traffic. But this fact does not mean you have to take it for granted. If you are looking for a solution to level up your garage areas, then let us introduce to you this astounding garage floor coating that transforms mundane spaces into something spectacular.

The Fundamentals Of Epoxy

An epoxy is a form of resin that contains two compounds: polyamine hardener and epoxide resin. Epoxy hardens, cures, and will turn thick. Curing epoxy will increase its durability and give a surface an aesthetic appeal.

It is not a kind of paint at all. The paint comes with latex acrylic and leaves a different result on the flooring. It is also not durable like epoxy.

Epoxy will additionally make your floors resistant to water, chemicals, heat, grease, oil, bleach, and other stains. Not only that – epoxy allows you to pick from a wide range of colors that match your motif or theme.

chip garage floor with epoxy

Epoxy Flooring Versus Polyurea Polyaspartic

Applying polyurea and polyaspartic can be an expensive task, and you get to use them best only as a top coating. While epoxy can go all-around, it is a cheaper alternative while still showcasing many advantages.

Get the best of both worlds when you use epoxy as the base coat and the rest as the topmost coating. Doing so will increase your area’s function and appeal tenfold.

Is The Process Expensive?

Epoxy is affordable. However, the process of installing it as your garage floor coating can either be a lot of bucks or not. You have to take note of some variables.

You can save some cash if you apply the epoxy coating without professional assistance. An epoxy floor can be a swell DIY project for you, which gives you total control over finance and the entire matter.

epoxy floor

You get to decide what materials to get like a garage flooring kit, set a work duration, get some friends who will give you a hand, and go nuts with creative freedom.

The worth of your garage floor epoxy also depends on the area size. Standard garage areas can be a 2 car garage or a 3 car garage wide. No matter how vast the space will be, epoxy’s self-dispersing property will handle it!

It is entirely different if you choose to hire a local contracting company to get the job done for you. A company will charge you more for the following:

  • Personnel labor charges
  • Transportation of equipment and materials
  • The kind of materials they will use
  • Overall work duration
garage epoxy floor

You may have to shell out more for their services, but you cannot argue with the results. And you also have the option to get in touch with them and plan something first before any work starts at all. Being professionals, they will consider and put any budget that you lay forward and find a solution or two that will work out for both ends.

Benefits Of An Epoxy Garage Floor

  • There is little to no maintenance required.
  • Epoxy protects flooring from fire, slippage, impact, and other forms of damage.
  • Epoxy comes in vast selections of colors.
  • It can last for many years if you take care of it properly.
  • A garage with epoxy can withstand tremendous impact and heavy foot and vehicle traffic.
  • Epoxy covers concrete flaws and cracks.
  • It is ideal for snowy areas as the coating is resistant to moisture.
epoxy flooring on a grarage

So Is It Worth It At All?

The short answer to this question is a solid yes. An epoxy coat can benefit your garage in more than one way. It will be worth the expense, effort, and time you put into it. If you employ a contracting company’s services, or you put the task into your own creative hands, it will not matter a bit at all. For more blogs to get you informed, check these contemporary design ideas for patios.

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