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Concrete floors that have been waxed and buffed look absolutely gorgeous. However, the tedious work involved just to achieve that aesthetic is not something any homeowner is willing to go through on a regular basis. If you want the same shine and smoothness, there is an alternative that you won’t have to slave for.

Polished concrete is one of the most popular methods of enhancing and refinishing a concrete floor. It involves a series of grinding that aims to remove the top surface and reveal the damage-free layer underneath. The abrasive pads are used from the coarsest to the finest until the right shine and smoothness are achieved. Property owners love this because it is simple yet stunning and very easy to clean and maintain.

The Concrete Polishing Process

There are two types of concrete polishing: wet and dry. The wet method makes use of water to minimize the dust that scatters all around while the grinding machine is at work. In the dry method, the workers make use of a vacuum that immediately sucks the dust created during the grinding process. Although the method is slightly different, the results are the same. To give you a glimpse of how it is done, here is a brief breakdown of the polished concrete process:

Step 1: The process begins with the coarsest abrasives in the grinding machine. This will grind out the top layer, which is often damaged or worn-out.

Step 2: The abrasive pad is replaced with a slightly finer version to smoothen out the surface. This will go on, each session using finer grits until the desired shine is achieved.

Step 3: In a dry grinding job, one worker operates the grinding machine while one vacuums the dust created. In a wet concrete polishing job, the sludge, which is a mix of water and dust, is collected and then disposed of following the proper disposal method.

Step 4: When it is smooth and shiny enough, the concrete floor is cleaned, washed, and air-dried. A concrete sealer is then applied on it to make sure it is protected against damage. It is also a way of sealing the pores of the concrete slab, preventing it from absorbing dust and moisture.

Say goodbye to tedious waxing and buffing. Contact us @ (720) 545-1766 for low maintenance polished concrete surfaces.

If you love the look of concrete but want it to be more presentable and elegant, Denver Concrete Artisans can help you with that. We transform existing concrete slabs into stunning polished surfaces. We have been in the business for over 20 years and we know how difficult it is to maintain the shine of a concrete floor. With concrete polishing, we can enhance your concrete flooring to a more polished look, without any waxing or buffing required on your end.

Interested? Contact us today and let us inspect your concrete floor for free to check if it is qualified for expert concrete polishing. Not to worry, we also have other great flooring services from professional concrete refinishing to concrete sealing & repair in Denver. We’ll also offer a quote, free of charge!

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