pool deck repair denverWhether you like it or not, the pool deck will eventually show signs of usage or damage. While some are willing to invest a huge amount of money to have the entire deck replaced, practical homeowners would consider pool deck repair instead. It efficiently gives the deck a new and breathtaking look at a more affordable cost.

One of the most frequently asked questions, when it comes to repairing concrete pool deck, is whether or not the pool needs to be drained. Some pool deck contractors will advise you to drain it while some won’t. There are special cases when it can’t be possible, like one contractor who had to work around a commercial pool with live dolphins.

Pool Deck Resurfacing and Refinishing

Although resurfacing and refinishing are done on the pool decks, the pool kind of gets affected in one way or another. It is not really a question of which repair method calls for draining, but it’s what the contractor thinks is best. Some resurfacing systems, like stamped concrete, can be done even with a full pool. The overlay can be applied carefully with a roller brush so there won’t be any falling into the pool, unless by accident. Floating sheets or plastic covers can be placed to keep any debris on the surface.

The installation of pool deck sealer or a color stain may be done with the pool drained or covered. These two refinishing systems are sprayed on the deck so it is possible for some splatter or mist would reach the pool water.

Crack Repair

If the crack is just on the deck and far from the edge of the pool, the water can be kept and no pool covers are required. If the crack is near the pool, just putting a floating cover in the water nearby is enough to keep debris from getting into the pool.

Coping Repair

The coping is the edge of a pool deck that is either right beside the pool or a bit hanging over it. If it needs to be repaired, the contractor may need to ask the owner to drain the pool, depending on how extensive the repair is. Covers would not be enough to keep debris out, especially if the vertical side of the coping, where the pool water hits, is the area that needs some repairing.