Revamping Your Garage Floors

One of the best ways to redesign a garage is with Denver epoxy flooring making the space brighter and livelier. Don’t you want to make the garage area a clean and well-lighted room? Having a comfortable spot to work and get creative is convenient. It gives you privacy and inspiration to focus on your tasks.

garage floor with epoxy finish

Check out your garage, begin revamping the floors to transform the old greasy space into a gorgeous one, and get busy with it! Learn how to do it, including tips on dealing with tire marks, with this list of how to revamp the garage spaces.

Garage Floor Revamps 101: Tips to Get Your Garage Spaces Revamped

Planning to revamp the garage may feel like a daunting task, and the trick is actually to begin your plan from the foundation, the floors.

Here are essential tips on how you can do it:

1. Clean it Thoroughly

Get honest with yourself. You hate cleaning. But the truth is that you cannot go about the essential renovating methods unless you start cleaning.

Clean concrete floors are the key to an effective garage revamp. Once you get a polished and clear flooring area, you can start seeing all the possibilities you can build from it. You may need to perform polishing for this.

Thoroughly polish and strip off the flooring area of its old coatings and coverings. Before you worry about calling a flooring contractor to help you clear the entire concrete garage, try doing it yourself first.

You can DIY polish the concrete garage using sanding tools like sandpaper. Or use caustic solutions to clear out the surface.

2. Let the Light In

Install an efficient lighting system after you have stripped off the old coatings and thick dirt that covered the garage flooring.

Brightening up the floors and lighting the ceiling and walls are methods. Doing this would let you see brighter spaces. You may also find areas where you need to fix electrical circuits or faulty wirings.

well lit garage

3. Resurface Garage Flooring

Now you have prepared the essential foundations of the garage area. You can now plan to build a stronger foundation which is concrete flooring.

Garage floors need a high-performing surface that would withstand grease, chemicals, and the impact of heavy metallic objects. The most suitable material for this would be concrete resurfaced with epoxy flooring.

4. Organize the Garage Space with Storage

If you search for garage revamp on your social media, you would see both resurfacing the floors and creating DIY storage spaces.

What is the use of clean and polished garage floors without creating an organizing system inside the garage?

5. Installing Matching Garage Doors

Now you are down to the last part of the garage, which you can redesign. Installing doors would be the final touch after setting up the perfect flooring and organizing system.

The trick here is to install matching garage doors with the concrete garage floor. Since you resurfaced the flooring with concrete, you will be able to adapt any style and design to it. Especially if you have the floor areas revamped with epoxy coatings, you can plan ahead of them and then decide on a garage door design to make the entire look coincide with everything.

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