Sinking Pool Decks: Concrete Leveling Repair Guide

Sinking pool decks are a common sign of pool deck damage. Denver homeowners are now looking for ways to fix this issue quickly.

Nowadays, it’s easy to carry out a Pool Deck Repair Denver. Good thing there are local companies now that offer various services, such as lifting and leveling, if you need them.

But before that, you need to know first the causes and signs of a sinking pool deck so you can start planning if it’s time to get your pool deck a new look. Denver companies offer many materials you can choose from as well.

First, there may be existing water pressure on the underside of the concrete slab. So if your home has a high water table or has had frequent rainstorms recently, this could cause problems for your concrete slab.

Second, if there’s excessive weight on top of the slabs, this will eventually compress them down into softer soil below. This causes them to sink over time until they regain equilibrium with surrounding conditions.

This may happen gradually over several years after initial construction has been completed based on usage patterns within those years; however, this process sometimes happens more quickly due to usage and water conditions.

cracks on the pool deck

How To Spot Sinking Pool Decks

Sinking pool decks are challenging to spot.

So if you’re wondering whether or not your deck is sinking, here are some signs to look for:

  • There are cracks in the concrete that may run parallel with each other and appear at recurring intervals.
  • There are uneven gaps between boards on your decking surface. This could mean that one side of your pool has sunk more than another over time and causing cracks in nearby tiles or pavers.

Risks of Sinking Pool Decks

If you don’t address these signs of wear and tear on your pool deck, it can lead to several other problems. Many know how important it is to carry out pool deck crack repair. Denver homeowners understand the risks associated with a sinking pool deck.

For one, there is a risk of exposure to injury. If you have children or pets and they like hanging around your pool, they may be at risk due to the uneven surface.

Another risk is losing value in your home because a sunken concrete surface around your swimming area will decrease your home’s resale value when you sell your home someday.

As such, it’s essential to do a pool deck overlay. Pool Deck Repair Denver is available for you to contact if you need professional help, but if you can do DIY on your own to prevent further damage, that should be fine.

Steps For Repair

When you know your pool deck is sinking, several methods exist for leveling it. But first, you’ll need to assess the area and soil type.

If your pool deck is sinking because of poor drainage, installing a French drain may be the best option.

But if there are cracks in the concrete or other structural issues that could compromise its integrity, then replacing it with new concrete might be necessary.

When it comes to concrete leveling involves pouring new concrete over the old, recessed area of your pool deck until it reaches its original height.

You can also opt to do some mudjacking. It has some of the same principles as concrete leveling but employs a different type of material to achieve similar results.

Also, install piers under your pool deck’s sinking areas so they can be raised again with minimal disruption or cost involved.

If you choose to do concrete leveling, there are steps you need to take, such as: 

  • Prepare the area by extracting any dirt, debris, or other materials. After doing so, you can sweep away any remaining dust with a damp cloth or sponge.
  • Next, you’ll need to mix and apply the concrete. You can utilize your own hands, or you can use a tool. Once a new layer of concrete has been laid down, you must balance it to even out any high or low spots.
  • After leveling comes finishing. To do this, you must wait until all excess moisture has evaporated from your newly applied layer before proceeding further. This may take several passes over each section before you apply another coat onto the top and level it out.

So now you know what to do when you come across sinking pool decks, and if you are in Denver, cool deck repair is possible as long as you have the information written above. Denver concrete repair is highly trained to evaluate the damage and apply the appropriate repairs to restore the concrete and make it look better and last longer

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