Stamped Concrete vs Smooth Finish Concrete: Durability Test

Durability is best tested as years pass. And now that the calendars have turned to the last month, this is the best time to check if your outdoor spaces still reflect durability.
Are you already noticing the signs of weathering in your properties?

Your good old patio floors will be the first to stun you when you look outside.

What do you see then? Whether you have a decorative stamped concrete or plain smooth finished concrete patio, durability must still be tested, and one should reign with the best quality.

2 Common Types of Durable Patios in Denver: Stamped vs Smooth Finish Patio

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In Denver, two typical concrete floor applications will emerge when you say patio. These are the stamped concrete, and the other one is the smooth finished patio.

It is self-explanatory how each differs based on the name given to them. Still, some things are better explained with details, and it is easier to picture the comparison when you can visualize it. 

So, let us compare stamped vs. smooth finish.

What is a Smooth Finish Concrete?

With a smooth concrete finish? It will be your everyday grey concrete floor with a seamless, polished surface. Often, it appears as a plain slab with a clean, polished finish used for outdoor and indoor floors.

So, it has a softer appearance than regular unfinished bare concrete. Instead of having the usual rough plane, the floors are smoothened, often using concrete sealers and acrylic coatings.

Now, that will be your bare decorative flooring. It uses sealers and polishing finishes, which are the same as other more advanced and popular decorative concrete floors.

Decorative concrete applications have taken the spotlight in flooring systems for adding the oomph factor to any property.

While the smooth finish has already amplified the flooring game by making surfaces shine and glimmer like silk, the decorative stamped concrete, in particular, would add a notch to the cosmetic standards.

Decorative Stamped Concrete

The use of concrete sealers and coatings is integral to decorative concrete resurfacing and other types of applications.

When you choose a method of decorative resurfacing, your flooring systems will go through the entire process, from repairing to reapplication to refinishing.

Concrete floors will be bestowed a smooth finish and enhanced beyond plain, grey, and shiny cement. That is the magic that stamped concrete can bring onto the floors.

A process known as concrete stamping creates various patterns that recreate the look of other materials usually used on the floor, making a stunning view of the outdoor floor areas.

Areas that are located outdoors would be the best place to apply your choice of Denver stamped concrete.

decorative concrete patio

Comparing the Durability

Both stamped and smooth finishes are stunning to look at. Both bars have a seamless polished floor that adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to a property. However, the real deal comes down to their durability.

With sealers as their final layers, these floor systems make excellent floor materials for outdoor applications.

Both will also be a perfect choice for giving slip-resistance on outdoor surfaces that promote safety and comfort around the property.

Durability Test of Stamped Concrete

To test how strong the decorative stamps are, you need the expertise of the local concrete resurfacing contractors.

Here’s a quick reveal of how experienced stamped concrete patio Denver contractors do durability testing.

  • Measure concrete strength, also known as viscosity.
  • Apply a “comprehensive test” using concrete cubes or test samples.
  • Assess structural conditions or the mechanical features of the concrete.

Refrain from worrying if there is jargon you need to familiarize yourself with. It is all your contractor’s role to assess and perform a technical process for testing.

But for you, as a homeowner, you can start by dealing with the aspects that make the most sense to you.

While your contractors deal with high-tech terminologies, for now, you may begin your testing process by answering these questions:

  • What is the right sealer for stamped concrete?
  • Why is it necessary to seal concrete?
  • How long are the stamped patterns and overlays to last? 

Stamped designs and patterns add resistance on the floor surface, increasing its density so that it can repel impact from hard-hitting objects on the floor, says construction experts from Sika Group.

Unlike when your smooth finish concrete encounters impact from complex objects, it will soon display obvious splinters, scratches, and abrasions.

Due to the plain surface, heavy objects can quickly run over the surface and scatter the damage all over the surface.

However, the stamped patterns help minimize the impact by supporting the objects to land on a single spot on the floor and not dribble around, which can often occur on smooth, finished concrete floors.

Outdoor Concrete Stamped with Durability

This is because stamped is a specialized concrete application that excels compared to other findings. 

Discover the magic of stamped concrete—a specialty mastered by concrete contractors Denver. It outshines the rest with vibrant colors, sealing the deal on decorative excellence.

When planning for the long term, choose stamped concrete for a durable and timeless touch, especially for properties over three years old. Your journey to lasting beauty begins here!

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