Unconventional Concrete Patio Designs to Inspire Your Space

Concrete patios are a great addition to a home. It enhances the overall exterior aesthetic. Thanks to its designs, with expert Concrete Patio Denver contractors diligently create. 

You can easily fall for common patio designs, often seen among Denver residences and typical hotel and resort lobbies. These are contemporary and often nature 0insried designs.

However, if you want to upgrade your conventional patio, you do not have to change it or resurface the cornet patio floors with another material. It is already good as they are, concrete floors are great for outdoors, and it provides a non-lisp footing around patios and porches.

What you can do is try unconventional designs.

Out of the Box Patio Designs

What are these out-of-the-box, nonconventional designs that could grace your patios somewhere in the future? Read on and discover!

Multi-Level Patios

Start off with these multilevel patios. The design concept behind this is the future forward. They use the power of layers and spaces.

This is also a good departure from your typical floating designs or hanging garden style. Instead of making the patio look floating, create layers of decks to emphasize the elevated patio. The layered decks can serve multiple purposes.

They can be used as steps to climb up and down and provide additional space for placing various accents and decor, such as wooden pot holders or plant boxes.
Furthermore, they can serve as instant seating areas where you can place pillows, mats, or blankets.

This concept was popularized by architect Frank Lloyd, who applied these patios and extended decks to his concrete and organic architecture. You can see an example of his work in the famous Fallingwater House.

multi level patios with chairs and flowers

Sunken Lounges

From elevated multilayered patio decks to a sunken design.
To visualize this, think of the multilayered patio reversing its designs. And voila, you got the sunken version. Instead of elevating the patio’s center area f the patio, let us have it dipped low from the footings.

Imagine having an empty jacuzzi or a little bigger, like an empty standard–sized swimming pool. These are great patio designs for commercial properties where you can incorporate lounge areas around your indoor swimming pools. It s a new take on conventional patios but with columns and a roof.

With a sunken version, you can have the steps going down the patio lounging as, guess what, seating areas as well. These are great when you have concrete patios. An out-of-the-box revocation you can do is to elevate the edge of the concrete, leaving a recessed area in the middle. Or go for an alternative way by digging out the middle of the existing patio. Leaving a hole in the middle.

Next is to resurface it with concrete once again. This is better because the dug-out portion with newly poured concrete looks more pleasing, and the transition from the old parts to the newly poured concrete at the counter looks more seamless. Bruce Goff is the man behind this idea. He began creating in the 1900s, and today you can see these ideas replicated among hundreds of properties. It has a way of making a property look luxurious and eclectic with its different perspectives. The sunken look also gives an intimate feel to the space.

sunken patio with modern chair beside the pool

Futuristic Lightings

Maximize the use of LED lights and bulbs when you have a patio. If you aim for out-of-the-box ideas, then go for illuminating neon lights. 

What is getting more attention these days are LED light strips. Imagine a linear rectangular patio, then add a straight vertical led lamp strip on the concrete flooring. 

It is like you are walking on an illuminating path. Yes, you can imagine you are Lue Skywalker in space with enlightened flooring underneath your feet.

patio with futuristic lightings

Going Out of the Box

If your personal style and design preference lends towards this unconventional route, then here is a tip. The key is to be creative and brave. 

But to make sure you are getting the right aesthetic and not compromising class over character, make sure that you check out experts as your sources, like the professional concrete contractors Denver. Look for professional advice regarding designs and altering the styles in your spaces.

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