Updating Your Floors with These Decorative Concrete Refinishing Options

If you got the decorative concrete floors in your homes and business spaces, this reading is for you. Learn about the modern decorative refinishing options you can apply to your concrete floors.

After getting the facts from this blog, you can talk to your Decorative Concrete Refinishing Denver contractors to help start your home improvement project.

You will also be able to differentiate resurfacing from refinishing and find out what you will use when your concrete floor overlays are wearing off their natural beauty.

Overview: What is Concrete Refinishing?

Concrete refinishing is removing a concrete floor and restoring its original decorative surface. You can do refining in several different ways.

This includes concrete resurfacing, repairing, sealing, polishing, and repainting or painting. It’s a great way to bring your floors back to life without getting hardcore on the concrete floor.

Here are the typical refinishing options you would need if your concrete needs a quick retouch.

Common Concrete Refinish Options You Need to Know

Do not be upset when you notice that your stamped concrete overlays n the patio are losing their appeal. You can quickly update the look of an aged concrete surface with the following options:

Stamped Concrete Refinishing

A stamped concrete overlay may fade the color. When its coating got too worn out, it started to look cloudy. You can refinish by resealing the stamped surface.

You can also refinish it with concrete stamping to make the floor look new. After refinishing, you will not need to break the concrete floor.

concrete floor with stamped design

Concrete Staining

Another way to retouch a disappearing beauty is to apply new colors. To make the concrete color last on the surface longer, you may opt to use staining. This option is excellent for decorative concrete floors, as staining can last up to 15 years.

stained concrete floor

Patching and Filling

You may need to patch your decorative concrete floor when it gets holes or cracks. You will first need to fill the gap with a cement-based crack filler and then sand it down until the surface is smooth.

patching applied to concrete

Concrete Sealing

Concrete sealers help a lot to protect your decorative concrete floors from damage. You will choose between water-based and solvent-based sealers depending on the type of flooring material. Sealing protects from oil and grease spills.

concrete sealant applied on stamped concrete

Top Cast Finishing

This is often done on driveways surfaces. You can do this when you want to add a modern vibe to your stamped concrete driveway. A top cast is a more modern approach to refinishing. Look at an example of this on Pinterest The top cast is where you use micro-thin overlays o add fine textures on the concrete surfaces.
knockdown finish

When is the Best Time to Refinish the Concrete Floors?

The best time to refinish the floors is when you already see that dirt has covered the surface. But be quick on this process and thoroughly assess your concrete base, especially if they have been hidden in mud or dust and worn down over time.

You can prevent the worst from happening. But even when you fail to haste the refinish process, you get other treatments as resurfacing. But this would cost you additional steps and costs.

Visit our previous blog about when it is best to repair or replace concrete. If you find out that your concrete floor slabs are still in the best condition, give the options above a try and consult with a concrete contractors Denver to begin!

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